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Serving our Community for Over 34 Years.


Family & Education

Mario Ferri and Vickie, his wife of 46 years are 34 year residents of Vaughan. Ferri is the proud father of three children and the loving grandfather of 6 grandchildren all of whom give him life purpose.

Ferri received a Master Degree in Environmental Studies, a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and a College Diploma in Recreation.

A Brief History

Ferri served 21 years as an elected official: four years on the school board, as Trustee and 17 years on City Council, of which 6 years he served as Local Councillor and 11 years as Regional Councillor and 5 years as deputy mayor.

Ferri began his career in the human service sector serving underprivileged children, youth, seniors and families as executive director of three multi-human service agencies for 27 years.

3 Decades of Dedication & Results

First Decade 1984-1993 : A Community Advocate
  • Protecting the environment, as co-founder of Vaughan C.A.R.E.S., advocating for the closure of the Keele Valley Landfill Site, host of 30 million tonnes of waste
  • Engaging residents, as a member of the Gates of Maple Ratepayers Association, to address and resolve local neighbourhood issues
  • Promoting and organizing community activities, as co-founder and chair of The Recreation Advisory Committee Maple – TRAC-M
  • Establishing and operating, as chair of TRAC-M, the Maple Neighborhood Day Camp, serving 100 campers weekly
  • Creating and running project earthbound, as chair of TRAC-M, a youth employment program
  • Founding and operating a three-day annual festival, as chair of TRAC-M and Maplefest
  • Promoting parent involvement in children’s education, as an active member of St. David Catholic Elementary School P.T.A
  • Championing the need to construct the Maple Community Centre, as chair of TRAC-M
  • Advocating for the construction of three elementary schools in Maple, as a local community advocate
  • Monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Keele Valley Landfill Site, as a member of the Keele Valley Liaison Committee (to 2003)
  • Presiding and deciding on applications for minor variances, as a member and chair of the Committee of Adjustments (to 1990)
  • Engaging and empowering parents and students, as an appointed Trustee of the York Catholic District School Board
Second Decade 1994- 2003 : An Elected Public Servant
  • Engaging the school community, as Trustee and chair of the Education and Public Participation Committee of the York Catholic District School Board
  • Promoting parent involvement, as Trustee of the York Catholic District School Board, by supporting the establishment of the Parent Regional Council
  • Advocating for the establishment of the Student Trustee position at the York Catholic District School Board
  • Seeking provincial funding, as Trustee, to build St. Joan of Arc High School
  • Advancing good governance and effective inter-governmental relations as Trustee and chair of the City Board Liaison Committee (to 2003)
  • Preventing the siting of a second mega dump in Maple, as chair of Vaughan C.A.R.E.S., with a capacity of 60 million tonnes of waste (to 1997)
  • Serving the needs and interests of the residents in Ward 1 as the elected Local Councillor (1998 to 2003)
  • Closing the Keele Valley Dump in 2002, after leading the 15 year fight as Chair of Vaughan CARES and Ward 1 Local Councillor
  • Promoting pride of place by creating the Maple Streetscape Committee, as the Ward 1 Local Councillor, to beautify the core of Maple (to 2003)
  • Ensuring accountability and transparency with residents by establishing and chairing the Ward 1 Resident Advisory Committee (to 2002)
  • Rehabilitating the Keele Valley Dump and master planning the nearby lands to create a regional park, through the Maple Valley Park Plan, as Ward 1 Local Councillor
  • Participating actively in the governance and operation of the City to maintain high levels of efficiency and effectiveness
  • Empowering and giving youth a voice at the City by forming a Youth Advisory Council as the Local Councillor and advocate of youth
  • Establishing corporate goals and priorities as chair of the City Operational and Strategic Planning Committee (to 2010)
  • Chairing City initiatives and projects like Hydro Vaughan Distribution (to 2003), the Sports Village Project and the Communities in Bloom Program
  • Recognizing, acknowledging and promoting volunteers by establishing and operating The Legacy Award, Valigia D’oro,( to present), La Rocca Youth Bursary(to present), Santa Claus Parade (to 2003) the annual Seniorsfest (to present) the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner (to 2003)
  • Awards of Recognition:
    1. 2001 Alumni Award of Distinction – Centennial College
    2. Silver Keystone Award - Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
    3. The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal – Government of Canada
Third Decade 2004 - 2018 & Beyond : The Tradition Continues
  • Serving the residents and businesses of Vaughan as the newly-elected Local and Regional Councillor and Deputy Mayor (2003 to 2006)
  • Expanding Library services and introducing the need for a 3rd Resource Library at the Civic Centre, as a Library Board Trustee (to 2010)
  • Supporting the renovations and expansions of Al Palladini, Garnet A. Williams and Father Ermano Bulfon Community Centres, as Local and Regional Councillor
  • Developing a first-class hydro system to better serve the customers, serving as a board member of Powerstream and Hydro-Vaughan Energy Corporation (to 2010)
  • Providing leadership and guidance on waste management and the approval of a long term strategic Waste Management plan, as Chair of the Region of York Environment Committee and Co-Chair of the Durham York Residual Waste Joint Management Group (to 2010)
  • Beautifying the City and winning Provincial, National and International competitions by establishing and chairing the Communities in Bloom Committee (to 2010)
  • Guiding the formation and operation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Run for Vaughan event, in support of the Vaughan Hospital, serving as honorary chair (to 2010)
  • Promoting the use of helmets for greater safety, as co-chair of the Recreational Sports Safety Task Force (to 2010)
  • Ensuring the provisions of social, medical and housing services for York Region residents, as a member of York Region’s Community Services & Housing Committee (to 2006)
  • Approving Master and Official plans that promote sustainable development, as a member of York Region’s Planning & Economic Development Committee (to 2010)
  • Recognizing Volunteers, promoting voluntarism and humanitarian acts by establishing and presenting the Community Champion Award and the Volunteer Classic Collection Volunteer Awards to 1,200 worthy recipients (to present)
  • Creating and registering the Volunteer Recognition Society to manage and guide the volunteer recognition program
  • Establish the Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiative (S.A.V.I.) as an Advocacy and an umbrella support group for seniors in Vaughan (2005 to present)
  • Drafting and approving a Code of Ethical Conduct for Council, creating the office of the Integrity Commissioner, and expense disclosure policy through the Accountability & Transparency Committee, City of Vaughan (to 2010)
  • Vacating elected office but continuing to organize community events, undertake advocacy and support volunteer activities. (2010 to 2014)
  • Serving the residents and businesses of Vaughan as an elected Local and Regional Councillor (2014-2018) and as Deputy Major (2017-2018)
  • Advocating and approving, as Trustee of the Library Board, a library at VMC and Vellore CC
  • Reducing traffic gridlock by approving widening of regional roads (i.e. Hwy 7, Major Mackenzie Drive, Rutherford Road, etc.)
  • Creating more capacity for public transit through VIVA rapid way in Vaughan
  • Assuring quality drinking water and provision for wastewater, as Chair of York Region’s Environment Committee
  • Creating more housing opportunities by approving secondary suites by-law in Vaughan, building York Housing facility on Woodbridge Avenue, and approving incentives for additional housing that is affordable
  • Increasing safety and security by approving the hiring of additional police officers, firefighters, paramedics and promoting and approving a strategy for safer school zones
  • Keeping property taxes low by mandating that tax rate remain below 2.99% at City and Region
  • Reducing operating expenses and increasing non-tax-dollar revenue through a partnership and sponsorship program
  • Improving public transit by advocating for increased frequency with GO trains
  • Improving travel time by extending Hwy 427 to Major Mackenzie Drive
  • Creating more opportunities for outdoor recreational and leisure activities by constructing the North Maple Regional Park including nature trails, picnic area, botanical gardens, sports fields and look-out areas
  • Designing and constructing, as Chair of the task force, the Pierre Berton Heritage Centre (to 2018)
  • Supporting good governance, accountability and transparency through the establishment of the Lobbyist Registry, the re-instatement of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner, Ombudsman and a revised code of ethical conduct for Council
  • Continuing to support and engage youth, seniors and general public through S.A.V.I., the Volunteer Recognition Society, the La Rocca Memorial Society and cultural and social groups
  • Chairing the Older Adult Task Force to make Vaughan an age-friendly City comprised of service providers, seniors, government & community representatives to study, report and recommend action

What has Mario Ferri done for Vaughan?

  • Kept property taxes low.

  • Led the closure of Canada’s largest dump in Maple,(16 years).

  • Reduced gridlock by widening Regional roads & extending Hwy 427.

  • Fought for more public transit, the subway extension and our hospital.

  • Promoted the establishment of the Code of Ethical Conduct, the Office of the Integrity Commission, the Lobbyist Registry & Ombudsman.

  • Founded the SantaFest Parade, Seniors’ Association of Vaughan Initiative, MapleFest, La Rocca Youth Bursary and the Volunteer Recognition Society.

  • Established a task force to create an age-friendly City.


What does Mario Ferri believe in?

Some interesting facts about Mario Ferri

Years on City Council
Years as Vaughan’s Deputy Mayor
Years as School Board Trustee
Years as regional councillor

Mario Ferri In The Community

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Putting YOUR Priorities First!

Water & Wastewater Rates



The Region’s water and wastewater rates did not change over the three-year period from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022. Based on a Sept 2021 Regional Council approval, the first of six annual 3.3% combined rate increases took effect on April 1 2022.

Details of the rate study and other considerations that went into the staff recommendations can be found in the Wastewater Financial Sustainability Plan, which is an attachment to the Sept 2021 staff report (see links)

  • York Region Water information
  • 2022 – 2027 Water and Wastewater Rates Council report which contains several of the graphs shared

    Vaughan proudly maintains one of the lowest and most competitive water and wastewater rates in the Greater Toronto Area. These rates are established each year as part of the City’s comprehensive budget process.

    Continued infrastructure investments are critical to ensure the City can deliver clean and safe drinking water, collect wastewater effectively, manage stormwater to mitigate flooding and save for future water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure needs.

    Rate increases (%), year over year, are as follows
    2020 -0%
    2021 - 2.9%
    2022 - 3.3%

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